Dating notes

Sometimes I take notes... my memory kinda sucks, especially when there is any kind of wine around. The following is a page from a pad I was writing on this weekend. I was talking to Lil Miss Hot Potato about one of her 1st online dating encounters. The 1st line is actually something I wanted to remember about my grandmother... Sorry, I know my penmanship sucks! It says: 1st meetup, Niko/Arlington, double date (run into ex-boy), 5'11"/Greek/Engineer.

That is as far as I got... the story was taking forever and I kept asking her to fast forward. I left the room for a minute to grab some snacks (we were at her 1st unanniversary party–meaning she would've been married a year to the day, but circumstances have her going through a divorce–logical cause for celebration). So, I return to my spot outside, begin to fan myself with the pad on the sticky summer night, I look down at what I wrote and notice a new addition... "We had Crazy Sex!" LM Hot Potato took it upon herself to fast forward the story :)

The end.

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