Weekend in Texts (9.24-9.26)

Text Messages OUTGOING
-I just called and moved it to tomorrow morning :_
-If you don't think it will take that long... Is there a game?
-I was dreaming I was having sex with Henry VIII when you sent that (too much Tudors). Good night?
-Awh, great day tho!
-OMG I just tried on the funniest shit! JLO jean jumper circa '99 with hip slits :)
-They have sugarbats in the mall! What do you call them again? I tried to take a pic but got denied.
-You say sugar glider, I say flying rat.
-I'm at a family cookout with Sweet Lips and Mr. February walks in! There are max 20 people here! I am cursed!
-Sweet Lip's cousin in law plays in Mr. Feb string quartet!!!! I am in the Twilight Zone right now.
-Wow, what are the chances?!
- Pretty ridiculous
-Hey chica, leaving here in an hour... Can't wait to see ya!
-Here! Lady, where ru?
-Concert was alot of fun. I'm literally hobbling around today from jumping around so much. My age is catching up to me ;)
-I'm sorry! I'm a jerk, especially when just waking up or when going to bed or when hungry, etc ;) did you have fun a the game?
-Busy? Or you hate me?

Text Messages INCOMING
-I want to get there around 5:30. Are you meeting with your freelance client?
-Ohh nice!
-You know I could run over and pick you up so you don't have to take a can
-Can=cab. Stupid phone
-Ow that ride hurt
-You and your jumpers. :)
-Craziness! They're called sugar gliders.
-AH! Holy shit! What are the freaking odds?!
-Awkward... Im sure you handled it... Or did u sneak out? :)
-U are crazy!
-Total crazy. Smalltimore.
-Woo hoo!!!!!! Call me when u get here!!!!
-How was the concert?
-U hurt my feelings!!
-That's ok. I was drunk and loud. I apologize. I had a great time at the game. I lost my voice. You should eat and rest up.
-Not busy and definitely don't hate you - care abt you more than I can express - though yesterday definitely threw me for a loop.

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