Lust for Life

I've lost the lust for blogging :-/
  • A: There are not enough hours in the day and Stanley Pooper needs my love 
  • B: My life (especially matters of love) isn't as juicy as it used to be. Maybe I'm making better choices, maybe I've lost interest in actively seeking love, maybe I'm a bit bitter, maybe all of the above 
  • C: I've become more personal with my personal 
  • D: I want to spend my free time making something a bit more tangible 
  • E: There are so many people doing it right and I don't want to half@ss 
So there you have it.

I still have not lost my lust for dope graphics, fashion, interiors and random uplifting stuff... So, I've decided to give tumblr a whirl. It looks like an easier/quicker way to bookmark ideas and share.

I plan to keep sharing.

It's still in the beginning phases and needs some finesse, but you can peep it out at:

Thanks for following or checking in on me from time to time,
Not sure how long this hiatus will last...
Lil Miss Me

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