NOLA Highlights

This past weekend I visited my bestie Lil Miss Honsauce (and fam) in NOLA. This was my first NOLA experience and I'm already planning my return trip. The architecture was sick... Massive, plantation-style, white-columned houses, passed down from generation to generation. Kinda like the homes in Roland Park, yet grander and with more charm. Lots of rich food (french bread, butter, fried seafood and grits!). They like to put poached eggs on everything, which I’m a huge fan of. Sunday morning jazz brunch... Umm... yes! Oh, and the vegetation is pretty great too... Ancient oaks line the streets, overhanging roads and ripping up sidewalks AND they’re mixed in with palm trees! Woah! The daiquiri stands everywhere don’t hurt either. The air just seemed lighter. You should visit!

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