Simple Pleasures

I recently asked for my cousin Julie (aka Jules) 's Christmas wishlist. Jules is a 5 year-old bundle of dramatic wild-haired joy and quite possibly – my favorite family member. Pictured below:
Her wishlist seriously warmed my heart, here goes:
Snow Globe, Cupcake Maker, A Box with Password, Justice (the kids version of Express) Stuff (Clothes, Hat, Toy, Chair, a Small Make-up Box, Earrings, Mug, Pillow, Hair Stuff), a Book about Santa, a Photo Album and Flowers
Besides the snow globe, cupcake maker, box with password, book about Santa, photo album and flowers, it's just like mine... or not. I don't know... I guess my first thoughts were, "Awwhhh... to be young and so easily amused AND so easy to make happy." Not that I'm not happy, but it just takes alot more than a snow globe these days.
Below is a very reasonable wishlist I made for my Mama (aka Santa).
Links available on here.

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