Ooh... Scary true.

In every person there is a minefield. These bombs were created by pain, betrayal, heartbreak, abuse, and abandonment throughout our lives. Some people have more than others, but we all have them. We bury these bombs deeper and deeper because they scare us and because it’s much easier to skim over the surface and pretend they don’t exist. We avoid situations that might set them off. We lash out at the people close to us who threaten to unearth them. But when we ignore them, they get stronger. They bore deep wells of insecurity. They make us feel heavy and unworthy. And most importantly, they make it impossible for us to live deeply, openly, and without fear. The most generous thing we can do is find our bombs and blow them up. Go to counseling if you need help. Write your truth until you start to cry. Stop ignoring the pain you buried. Dig it up, detonate it, and—here’s the part you can’t skip over—feel it. It will hurt like hell. Really though, feel it. The world is full of people carefully retracing a path they know to be safe. Don’t be like them. Jump on your grenades. For a moment you’ll be shattered, but when the smoke clears, trust me, you’ll see—this is the only way we can be whole.

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