A pad to call my own

I recently visited the bachelorette pad of one of my girlfriends and it made me miss when I had one of my own. Not that I don't enjoy where I'm at now, but there is no replacing the feeling of coming home to a domain that is entirely yours. Every fork, every towel, every piece of art, every book... is all yours and displayed in a way that is 100% YOU! No need for compromise. You can shabby chic it up, add hot pink accents and glitter, if that’s your thing. Sometimes it wouldn’t necessarily be “my thing”, but I’d add pink to my pad just cuz I could. Sharing can be overrated sometimes. Plus, hello! Look at her view! I’d def love to wake up and fall to sleep to that sight.
Ha, one thing I don't miss too much... Total responsibility for feeding myself! Her fridge is quite a bare site.

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